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Burial or Cremation?

by | Mar 2, 2021

Choosing between burial and cremation, like many life choices, is a personal decision with no right or wrong answer.

The reasons people choose one over the other are varied and range from religious to pragmatic and just about every reason in between.

The same is true when deciding between burial and cremation for pets. Again, while there is no right or wrong answer, there are trends in why people choose one over the other.

Below are some of the most common reasons people tell us they choose cremation for their pets.

Simplicity. Cremation providers, such as Forever Friends Columbus, have developed processes and use technology to make arranging for cremation services simple and convenient for pet owners. Much simpler than preparing land for burial.

Portability. Today’s society is very mobile. In years past, it was common for people to live their entire life in the city where they were born. Today, on the other hand, it’s much more common for people to relocate for jobs, relationships or a lifestyle change. Cremated remains in an urn are easily relocated, whereas burial is usually a fixed, permanent location.

Memorialization. There are many types of urns, hand blown glass and other keepsakes that can be fully customized to reflect the life of each pet. Over the years, the number and variety of these products have increased exponentially and there’s an urn or memorial product to fit every preference.

Affordability. While specific costs vary from cremation provider to cremation provider, costs associated with pet cremation are generally lower than purchasing a site in a pet cemetery or paying for assistance with burial on private property.

Flexibility. When cremation is completed, time is no longer an issue for scheduling a gathering of family or friends to commemorate the life of the pet. Many families choose cremation, then at a later time, choose to have a gathering.

Regardless of why you choose cremation, the team at Forever Friends Columbus is here to help design a meaningful cremation tribute for your beloved pet, 24X27 365 days/year.