In Loving Memory of



Remembered by Whitney & Brent

Fredrick Micheal Douglas (aka Freddy, Freddykins, Fredrico, Frediccini Alfredo, Fredo, 1/2 of Frethel, Frank) was born at some point during the Obama years and was anywhere between 91 and 112 in dog years when he crossed over the rainbow bridge, with Whitney and Brent by his side. We only got to spend just shy of 4 years with him, but it’s hard to remember life before Frethel. The early traumas of surviving multiple mouth surgeries (and the thousands of dollars they cost), health scares and navigating severe separation anxiety x2, seem like distant memories compared to the peaceful, stable years we’ve had more recently.

Someone described Fred as having “main character energy” and it’s true, he made a lasting impression on everyone he met in person or virtually. Whether it was his “rags to riches” backstory; powerful, prominent nose; expressive barks; mostly bald head, back and tail; rotating seasonal wardrobe; his goofy snaggle tooth; deep, soulful eyes; or signature floppy tongue, Fred turned heads wherever he went. And he went EVERYWHERE. Fred logged thousands of miles via road trips and plane rides, visiting friends and family around the country. He was equally content cruising the streets of Chicago or the bike paths of Madison, as he was harassing farm animals in the backwoods of North Carolina, or snoozing so hard poolside in South Florida, he’d have to be checked for a pulse. Although he preferred the land to the water, he traversed public and private beaches and lakes via speed boats, pontoons, paddle boards and kayaks.

Fred moved across the country and back again multiple times, and was a staple in every community we lived in. In the last year and a half of his life, he could be seen (though rarely noticed at first) on every errand, hike, and walk around the neighborhood in a backpack or satchel, just happy to invited to the party. And loved a good party. Fred was present for multiple birthday celebrations (human and dog), weddings (human) and their afterparties. He was often found on the dance floor, feet never touching the ground, unbothered by the noises and loud music since he’d lost his hearing a few years back. But he wasn’t just a party animal, Fred clocked in hundreds of hours of nutrition counseling appointments, curled up in Whitney’s lap. He was a ladies man, through and through- he absolutely adored long nail scratches and bosom snuggles, but he didn’t discriminate. In a room full of people, he would wander around until he found the warmest lap and would proceed to fall asleep, fully buried under a blanket, trapping his victim for hours until nature (or dinner) called. The only thing Fred loved more than snuggles, scratches and sun snoozes was food/drinks. No uncovered plate or cup was safe from Fred. And even then, he managed to get the lid off of numerous iced coffees if he was left unsupervised, even just for a minute, on long car rides. You weren’t a true guest in his house until he stuck his entire nose in your coffee mug or beer glass. He did not let his corn allergy stop him from rummaging through the trash at every possible opportunity, (once a dumpster diver, always a dumpster diver) and he was often getting stepped on in the kitchen, “helping” clean up the inevitable spills and crumbs. He expressed visible disappointment when every car ride did not include a stop at Starbucks for a pup cup.

Fred is preceded in death by the love of his life, Ethel Ann, who passed in July 2022. Their bond was something that will never be replicated. From their early days surviving on their own in the abandoned apartment in Texas, getting rescued and transported to the arctic tundra of Wisconsin, there would be no Fred without Ethel. “Frethel” made their official debut in June 2020, stealing the hearts of everyone who encountered them, and likely missing out on hundreds of dollars when we didn’t capitalize on their viral internet fame during their peak. He is survived by his younger sister Stellaluna. Over their 8 months together, Stella brought out a youthful spirit in Fred- he went from sleeping 20 hours a day, to closer to 14, and he enjoyed the influx of treats and company that her addition brought. She helped him integrate (against his will) into the local dog park community, where he spent many mornings and evenings acting as the “referee” if the other dogs rough-housed or existed too close to him. An elevated surface will be erected in his memory at our local park here in Columbus, for other small/senior dogs who like the company, but don’t want to be in the mix of the bigger, rowdier dogs.

Feel free to reach out to us and share your favorite Fred/Frethel memory, they brought so much joy to a broken world and were the true embodiment of unconditional love. We miss them dearly, but have peace knowing they are reunited once again. They were amazing ambassadors for senior dog adoption. Truly, the most rewarding feeling in the world to have been able to provide them with the retirement years they deserved, and we know that their legacy will live on.

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