In Loving Memory of




Remembered by Todd Buchanan Jr

Junior was an amazing, feisty, animated little kitty! when he was younger he was the first in his litter to be ambitious and decided that he was going to explore, he was truly a combination of both his cat mommy and daddy hence the name sake he was there junior lol, over the years he gave my family and I plenty of laughs especially when he had to be the litter box police, after someone would use it he had to go make sure they covered it up lol we got him a special little hat and everything (of course he hated it). he was never shy of sharing his emotions and voicing his opinion. He loved head bonks and being petted but most of all letting you know that he was always there for you. He was the bestest friend I could ever ask for. Always there with head bonks if I had a bad day and never left my side during bad events in our family’s time. He was there for me everyday during the passing of my mom sitting right beside me. Going to miss you little man, my little bubby

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