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One Pet A Time: Private Pet Cremation Services at Forever Friends Pet Cremation & Memorialization

by | May 17, 2023

As you can probably imagine, many families – especially those experiencing pet loss for the first time – have a number of questions about pet cremation services and the options available to them.

While the questions vary from family to family, we’ve noticed a recurring theme.

“Will my pet be cremated alone or with other pets?” and “Will the urn contain only my pet’s ashes (cremated remains)?” are two variations of the same question that we’re asked every single day.

This question, of course, is a legitimate one and deserves an honest answer.

Generally, there are three types of pet cremation services available in Columbus and Central Ohio:

Private Cremation: This means that only your pet is placed in the cremation chamber at a time. This ensures that when you receive cremated remains back, they are your pet’s and your pet’s alone.

Semi-Private or Partitioned Cremation: This means that multiple pets are placed in the cremation chamber at the same time, but the crematory operator attempts to separate the remains using bricks or another flame-retardant barrier.

Communal Cremation: This means multiple pets are placed in the cremation chamber at the same time. There is no attempt to separate the remains.

About 75-80% of the families we serve wish to have their pet’s cremated remains returned to them, while the remaining families request we scatter the cremated remains on their behalf.

Without regard to whether you prefer to receive your pet’s cremated remains back from us, the cremation is handled the same way – a purely private cremation.

We do this because, at Forever Friends Pet Cremation & Memorialization, we believe every pet should be treated with dignity and respect and everything we do supports that belief.