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Our Core Values: This Is Who We Are

by | Jun 17, 2022

I’ve had the opportunity to work for some exceptional companies over the years.

From finance to funeral and medical firms, many of my former employers were leaders in their respective fields.

To say I’ve learned a lot in my career is an understatement. For example, I was asked to participate in the development of core values for two of my former employers, which were wonderful experiences. We memorialized what we stood for as companies and those values served as roadmaps as we made decisions impacting our businesses.

In 2021, we published core values for Forever Friends. Rather than “manufacturing” values or going through an academic exercise to make them flashy, we simply put pen to paper on what we already stood (and stand!) for.

We promise to always act in accordance with these values:

Respect: We respect the pets in our care, their families, our veterinary partners, our competitors, and, finally, each other.

Transparency: We are 100% transparent, sharing as much information as we’re asked, and we are always honest about our intentions.

Accountability: We do what we say.

Service Excellence: We execute our services with excellence, exceeding our customers’ expectations.

We refer to these values daily. They remind us of why we started the business, and they make it abundantly clear to potential employees and clients what we stand for.

Times will change and our business will evolve, but these values – central to who we are – are etched in stone!