Pet Memorials Columbus Ohio

Pet Memorials Columbus Ohio

Memorializing Your Pet’s Unconditional Love

We marvel at how our pets live so freely and in the moment. Memorializing them once they’ve passed is one of the best ways to manage our grief and to celebrate and honor their memory, unique personality, and unconditional love forever.

At Forever Friends, we aim to provide the most extensive collection of pet urns and memorial products in Columbus, Ohio.

Handcrafted Remembrances and Personalized Pet Keepsakes

In addition to our compassionate pet cremation services, we offer handmade, custom glass and jewelry items and a variety of urns. We also offer customized engraving, which allows you to select the most meaningful way to remember your beloved pet.

Soulburst Blown Glass

Soulburst blown glass is a beautiful option for families who want to retain a portion of their pet’s cremated remains in a unique, hand-made piece. Some families choose Soulbursts in addition to a traditional urn, and others choose them to retain a portion of cremated remains while scattering the remainder.
Soulbursts are high-quality, handmade memorial products. The pictures above are a reasonable representation of the product. However, there will be natural variations in shades of color, distribution of the color, and distribution of the cremated remains in your specific piece.

To see the full selection of glass memorial products, please visit

Cremation Jewelry

Many families choose to keep a portion of their pet’s cremated remains in our beautiful, handcrafted jewelry. Made to order, each piece is unique and, unlike other jewelry products, they are made with your pet’s cremated remains woven into the product rather than a minute portion inserted after the fact.

Please ask us about additional jewelry products as we have many more options not featured below.

To see the full selection of cremation jewelry, please visit and

Urn Selection

A diverse selection of cremation urns awaits those seeking a meaningful way to memorialize their cherished pets. Catering to various preferences, the collection spans from the timeless elegance of traditional urns to the creatively unique, ensuring a fitting tribute for every beloved companion.

Additional Keepsakes

At your request, recieve a commemorative Clay Paw Print or Lock of Fur. One Clay Paw Print is included with premium packages, and additional Clay Paw Prints are just $15 each. Locks of Fur are always free.

Cherish Every Memory with Pet Memorials

Cherish Every Memory with Pet Memorials

Losing a pet can be a difficult and emotional experience. Pet parents experience a true sense of closure, comfort, and peace of mind by memorializing their beloved pets respectfully and meaningfully. Our professional cremation services and pet memorial products at Forever Friends can help with the final goodbye.

It’s comforting to honor how special your pet was in your life. Cherish the memories for years to come with a unique pet memorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pet cremation services does Forever Friends offer?
Forever Friends Pet Crematorium in Columbus, Ohio, provides a range of pet cremation services, including private cremation options. Our compassionate team understands the significance of saying a final goodbye to a beloved pet, and we offer services tailored to each family's unique needs.
Can I choose from a variety of pet memorial products at Forever Friends?
Yes, Forever Friends offers a diverse selection of pet memorial products, such as urns, jewelry, and blown glass pieces. These items serve as beautiful keepsakes, allowing families to cherish the memories of their pets in a tangible and meaningful way.
How can pet memorial products help in the grieving process?
Memorializing a pet through products like urns and jewelry provides a tangible connection to the memories shared. These items act as comforting symbols, fostering a sense of closeness and easing the grieving process by allowing families to celebrate the life of their cherished pet.
Is private cremation available at Forever Friends?
Absolutely. Forever Friends offers private cremation services, ensuring that your beloved pet receives the individualized and respectful attention it deserves. Our commitment to privacy and care extends to every aspect of the cremation process.
How can I contact Forever Friends for pet cremation services?
To pre-arrange our pet cremation services or inquire about our memorial products, please contact Forever Friends at (614) 683-9804 or email us at Our compassionate team members include licensed funeral directors and other staff available to speak with you 24/7, 365 days a year. We understand that each family's needs are unique, and we are here to provide the support and guidance you need throughout the entire process.
Can Forever Friends coordinate with my veterinarian for pet cremation services?
Yes, Forever Friends can work directly with your veterinarian to ensure a seamless and respectful transition for your pet. We understand the importance of coordination and communication during these sensitive times, and our team is dedicated to providing compassionate service.
Does Forever Friends offer delivery services for memorial products?
Yes, we offer delivery services for our pet memorial products and your pet's cremated remains, ensuring convenience for our clients during the grieving process. At Forever Friends, we aim to make the memorialization of your pet as seamless and supportive as possible, recognizing the importance of timely and reliable service.